Good Burritos: Bocaza Mexican Grille

2009 October 19
by David Schlichter
Bocaza Mexican Grille: 1740 E. 17th Ave. (17th and Williams St.)

Bocaza Mexican Grille: 1740 E. 17th Ave. (17th and Williams St.)

You’ve been to Chipotle.  You’ve been to Qdoba.  But, what burrito place could be better than one called Bocaza, Spanish for big mouth?!

Upon first wrapping his hands around a burrito from Bocaza Mexican Grille ( at 17th and Williams St., the founder of The Good Life Denver returned to eat there the following seven days for a total of eight glorious days in a row of burrito heaven.  For around $6.00, you can get the most fresh, inexpensive, huge and delicious burrito in town.  Does Bocaza serve more than burritos?  Of course.  Tacos, enchiladas, nachos, tortas (enormous sandwiches loaded with whatever you want and mayo), and more grace the plentiful menu.  Do you need to look at the menu, though?  No.  All of the ingredients are laid out in front of your eyes.  And trust us: everything you see is incredibly delicious.

Barbacoa burrito from Bocaza Mexican Grille

Barbacoa burrito from Bocaza Mexican Grille

Some tips about Bocaza:

  1. Be sure you get your yellow burrito card punched each time you go.  After every twelve burritos (yes, you will eat this many) you get one free.
  2. If you like it hot, try the “infierno” sauce.  You won’t be disappointed.
  3. Love breakfast burritos?  Bocaza has fantastic breakfast burritos.  The breakfast burritos are made smaller, though, so just make sure that you ask for a “grande” sized one in the AM.

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  1. jesse permalink
    October 20, 2009

    This place sounds incredible. I went to Denver looking for such a restaurant and craving a monster burrito, but the people I was staying with must not have known about Bocaza. If only my friends could be more like the founder of the Thanks to all of you working hard at the Good life to bring this Good and timely information to us.

  2. andres permalink
    November 3, 2009

    I will just say that I tried Bocaza based on Good Life’s recommendation. It was a life altering experience.

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