Good “Asian Fusion:” Thai Basil

2009 November 1
by David Schlichter

What if there was a delicious restaurant in Denver that served you up to three free beers with your meal?  Well, there isn’t.  But there is something almost as Good.  Thai Basil (we prefer 1422 E. 18th Ave.) is an “Asian fusion” restaurant with one of the best standing dinner/drink deals in Denver.  Seven evenings a week you can walk in, sit down, order a healthy portioned dinner and delight in up to three domestic beers for a really Good price: a quarter.  These are tasty beers too, including two from the region, New Belgium’s ever-popular Fat Tire and their seasonal, and the slightly less local (but equally luscious) Sierra Nevada.  Or, you can splurge, break the bank, and indulge in an import such as the crisp lager, Sapporo, for the whopping price of 50 cents.

Shiitake Mushroom Duck

Thai Basil's Shiitake Mushroom Duck

Yes, you have to order food to get the deal.  Don’t worry, though, the food is Good.  Start off with the surprisingly appetizing Vietnamese Egg Rolls or the richer than rich Chicken Coconut Soup (simply fantastic).  For you vegetarians, or really for anyone who likes food, the Sesame Tofu main course is lightly fried and rightly divine.  The Thai Barbeque chicken is certainly not for the veggie-loving crowd, as it is a massive portion of juicy chicken with a wonderfully tangy barbeque sauce.  If you like fried rice, the Thai Fried Rice is delicious and boasts pineapple, shrimp, egg, cashews and just the right amount of spice.  You could close your eyes, point to almost anything on the menu, and you won’t be disappointed.  We will say though, that for a restaurant with Thai in the name, the Pad Thai is slightly disappointing.  It is certainly good, but we’re not willing to go so far as to classify it as Good.

Thai Basil's Thai Fried Rice

Thai Basil's Thai Fried Rice

At only $8-10 dollars for a full meal and three beers, we’re confident you’ll be heading back again and again to Thai Basil.   If the snow is keeping you indoors, order delivery (that often shows up within 20 minutes) and you will be happy you did.  With five locations in the metropolitan area, it is easy to  get some of this Good food!

Uptown: 1422 E. 18th Ave.
Wash. Park: 540 E. Alameda Ave.
West Highland: 3301 W. 38th Ave.
Aurora: 2710 S. Havana St.
Park Meadows: 8345 Park Meadows Center Dr.

-This article was written by Matt Koenigsknecht.

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    This is one Good website, guys, I like it.

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