Good Cheap Japanese: Taki’s

2009 November 18
by David Schlichter
Taki's (341 E. Colfax)

Taki's (341 E. Colfax)

If you’re looking for a fancy sit-down cloth napkin Japanese restaurant or a place to relax and enjoy the ambiance, don’t go to Taki’s.  However, if you’re looking for cheap, tasty, and relatively quick Japanese, Taki’s (341 E. Colfax) is your spot.  Located on Colfax at Logan, you probably recognize the big yellow awnings of Taki’s, but you might not have actually stopped by.  If you haven’t, Taki’s should be added to your Good cheap eats shortlist ASAP.  We originally went to Taki’s because it looked so out of place.  A Japanese restaurant on Colfax?  With a neon sign?  We’ve been hooked ever since.  This restaurant is one of the best cheap meals in Denver, period.

Let’s start with the Vegetable Tempura.  At nearly every other Japanese restaurant we’ve been to, vegetable tempura comes with around 6-10 pieces and costs around $10.  Sound about right?  At Taki’s, you get about 20-25 pieces of tempura, rice, and some side veggies for $6.48!

Shrimp and Chicken Ginger Udon

Shrimp and Chicken Ginger Udon

In a soup mood?  The Miso Soup at Taki’s is Good, but if you like ginger get the Gingo Miso Soup.  Advertised as the “flu killer,” don’t wait for H1N1 to get it–this soup is incredible.   Depending on the day, the amount of ginger in the soup ranges from an amount that merely(!) clears your sinuses to an amount that nearly knocks you off your feet.  We can’t get enough of it–every time we go we get a liter of it (the equivalent of a Nalgene) for only $2.58.  If you’re in the mood for soup as your main course, go with the Shrimp and Chicken Ginger Udon.  For $7.98, you get a heaping full liter of udon noodles, grilled chicken, shrimp and vegetable tempura, tofu, ginger, and miso soup.  It’s healthy, filling, and cheap.

If you’re looking for something other than soup or tempura, try the Sesame Chicken (fried and served with rice and veggies for $6.98), or a Chicken Bowl (grilled chicken, steamed vegetables, rice, and teriyaki sauce for $6.38).  For an extra $0.50, we recommend getting their brown rice–we think it tastes better than their white.  Throw in a little Edamame on the side for $3.49.

As you can tell, we are highly fond of the taste, quantity and price of the food served at Taki’s.  We do want to let you know that occasionally some of the small talk made while waiting for your food can be a little unusual.  Let’s just say that, in our opinion, sometimes you need to grin and bear it when asked to go to a Buddhist temple while you wait for Good food.  You might even check out the temple–like we did.  It wasn’t something we’ve repeated since, but it seemed that the members were very happy there.  We’re very happy for them.

The food at Taki’s usually takes about 8-10 minutes to prepare.  We recommend calling ahead (303-832-8440) and getting your food to go; it will save you waiting time, the ambiance at Taki’s isn’t all that special, and the to-go containers that hold the soups are the perfect size to use as Tupperware (and the lids on their containers fit the lids from Liks!).  See you around, ginger mouth.

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