Good Pizza: Wyman’s No. 5

2009 November 24
by David Schlichter
Wyman's No. 5 (2033 13th Ave.)

Wyman's No. 5 (2033 13th Ave.)

If you like pizza and you live anywhere near the Cheesman Park/Capital Hill area, stop by Wyman’s No. 5 (2033 13th Ave.) for delicious Chicago-style deep dish pizzas and a great neighborhood gathering spot. The pizzas at Wyman’s are enormous–some of our favorites in town–and they come fully loaded with cheese, toppings, and a deep and thick crust.

While all of the pizzas at Wyman’s are great (even those with thin crust), two of their pizzas remain our favorites. First is the Ron Burgandy. Staying classy while eating this ‘za is no tough task–it’s full of chicken, spinach, artichoke, tomato, pepperoncini, red sauce, and a whole lot of cheese.  The pepperoncini give it a perfect little kick that don’t overwhelm the eater.  If you’re a vegetarian, go with the Tree Hugger–hands down.  The Tree Hugger is another monstrous pizza topped with mushroom, artichoke, black olive, spinach, and basil pesto sauce.  Even if you’re not a vegetarian, this is easily one of their best pizzas so you should definitely try it at some point.  Meat lovers, have no fear.  The Hangover should give you your meat fix with its pepperoni, sausage, bacon, mushroom, onion, and red sauce.  Just come mentally prepared to possibly only be able to finish two slices.

The Ron Burgandy

The Ron Burgandy

Wyman’s produces wonderful pizza in a laid-back and unassuming neighborhood restaurant/bar. It isn’t primarily a destination for people from all over town (though the quality of its pizza would surely justify it)–here, you’ll run into neighbors who enjoy having a Good time, eating quality pizza, drinking quality beer, playing trivia on Mondays, playing some (not always quality) pool every day, eating brunch on Saturdays and Sundays, and enjoying each other’s company.  Since this spot is so Good, we won’t hold it against them that they are also a gathering spot for Chicago and Kansas State sports.

Wyman’s is open M-F from 3pm to 2am and Sat./Sun. from 11am-2am.

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  1. Regular permalink
    November 24, 2009

    Ive never tried anything but the Big Pizzle and its awesome!

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