Good Grilled Cheeses: Chez Cheese

2009 December 3
by David Schlichter
Chez Cheese (1512 Larimer St.)

Chez Cheese (1512 Larimer St.)

We didn’t envision that a cheese shop would end up on The Good Life Denver.  We were wrong.  Chez Cheese (1512 Larimer St.) is a small cheese shop in Writer’s Square which also offers an assortment of boutique spices, spreads, and teas, flowers, and a small collection of basic groceries.   What makes this place Good, though, is its selection of panini-style grilled cheese sandwiches that are made to order.

We were impressed by the creative and unusual grilled cheese sandwiches available at Chez Cheese.  Some of the menu items include the Brie and Strawberries (with fruit spread), the Mozzarella (with tomato, spinach, artichoke hearts, and the “sauce of the day”), and the Pepperjack (with green chili strips, onion, tomato, and southwest sauce).  The menu isn’t huge like at Chedd’s (hopefully we’ll get a chance to review them soon, too), but its five-item menu offers a little something for every grilled cheese lover and, though the regular sandwiches on the menu are vegetarian, you can order them with meat if you’d like.  We chose not to order an item from the regular menu, though.  Every day Chez Cheese offers a special sandwich of the day.  We couldn’t resist ordering the Hot Italian Sausage (with mozzarella, grilled peppers, and onions), yesterday’s special.

Hot Italian Sausage sandwich

Hot Italian Sausage sandwich

While our mouths salivated we checked out what else was available for sale at Chez Cheese and found some unique items such as saffron and fennel sustainably harvested salt, marzipan, some Good looking spices, and a selection of Culture (get it?) Magazines.  Chez Cheese also has a small selection of grocery items that, though it is small, would be nice for a homemade meal if you live downtown and don’t want to drive to a supermarket.

Our sandwiches were ready after only about five minutes, and we sat down in the adjacent room to try them out.  The sandwiches were fantastic.  The bread was fresh, the cheese was perfectly melted, and the ingredients all came together for a delightful gourmet grilled cheese sandwich–all at a price of around $7 each.  We scarfed them down and afterward found ourselves pleasantly full, barely having room for the free piece of fruit that comes with each sandwich or the freshly made bagel chips hiding beneath where our sandwiches once were.

We’ll definitely be going back to Chez Cheese to try out some of their other sandwiches, to sample some cheeses, and also to see what is the special sandwich of the day.  If you haven’t been by, check it out the next time you’re in the neighborhood!

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Regular Menu Items at Chez Cheese

Regular Menu Items at Chez Cheese

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