Good Date Spot: Cuba Cuba

2009 December 16
by David Schlichter
Cuba Cuba (1173 Delaware St.)

Cuba Cuba (1173 Delaware St.)

Drive by 12th and Delaware St. and you might miss Cuba Cuba–it looks just like another house in the neighborhood.  But inside is a Good restaurant with a great ambiance that would be a perfect place to take a date on a special occasion.  Yes, it is pricey, and there can be long waits.  Don’t let that stop you.

For starters, grab yourself a drink.  Go with either the Caiparinha, a Mojito, or the Cubanito (tequila and pineapple juice).  These libations pack enough punch to get even the most work-stressed people into a relaxed mood and have the potential to knock unsuspecting lightweights off their feet…in a Good way.

Once you’re at your table, after those drinks you’re bound to be in a Good mood.  Get yourself an appetizer, and look no further than the Mariquitas Cubana.  These plantain chips are fried thin like potato chips and are accompanied by delicious dips.  They are Good to share.  While you munch on your marquitas, you might be ready for drink number two.  Just be sure you have a sober driver…

Minuta de Pescado

Minuta de Pescado

For your entree, choose from a variety of authentic Cuban dishes.  We tried several and found that the seafood dishes were the best.  Our favorite was the Minuta de Pescado, which is a fried snapper served atop mashed boniato (white sweet potatoes).  The Pepitas Crusted Ahi Tuna was another hit, served rare with mashed potatoes, goat cheese, and a corn and thyme sauce.  The capers in the Arroz Con Pollo were a surprisingly tasty touch, and the Vaca Frita (flank steak) was nice, though it didn’t blow us away.

After you’ve finished your main course, if you have room in your stomach and pocketbook for dessert, we’re told the Tres Leches Cake is fantastic.  It’s hard to go wrong, though, with options like Flan and Coconut Creme Brulee also in the mix.  An extensive list of Ron (rums) accompanies the dessert selections, too, but if you still are able to drink at this point: we’re impressed.

Cuba Cuba is a Good family-owned restaurant that gives you an authentic taste of Cuban cuisine.  The food is tasty, and the ambiance makes it a great place for a special occasion or romantic date.  The high price of menu items can make going there a challenge for those on a tight budget.  If we had it our way, we’d drop the prices and make the portions a bit bigger.  All in all, a Good spot–especially to share a special meal with that special somebody…

(Sorry that the images aren’t as Good as they could be in this article–neglecting to bring a camera, we had to depend on an iPhone.  Hoping to avoid that in the future!)

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  1. camposita permalink
    December 17, 2009

    did cuba cuba bring you back to the good old days of being near your favorite cuban?

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