Good Canned Goods: MM Local Foods (Tasting today, too!)

2009 December 18
by David Schlichter

MM Local FoodsThere are lots of farmer’s markets in Colorado that offer fresh local produce between late spring and the end of summer.  There aren’t as many options, though, to get local produce in the off-season.  Ben Mustin and Jim Mills are trying to change that with their new venture, MM Local Foods.  Their goal: make local food more accessible.

MM Local goes to local family-owned organic farms to pick produce at the height of ripeness then preserves that produce for your enjoyment year-round.  They started this year with three main crops: front range tomatoes, western slope peaches, and high desert peppers.  Using a simple and “old-school” canning process, they produce six products: tomatoes with rosemary, tomatoes with basil, peaches with cane juice, peaches with cane juice and honey, hot peppers with vinegar and spices, and mild peppers with vinegar and spices.

Tomatoes with rosemary from MM Local Foods

Tomatoes with rosemary from MM Local Foods

According to Mustin, the way the products are selling they will run out of supply this year, “For sure.”  Thankfully, MM Local has created a harvest share.  Similar to a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), a harvest share assures you of your ability to get the next season’s canned goods while enabling MM Local to purchase more produce and, by so doing, support local farmers.

In addition to supporting local farmers, the local economy, sustainable farming techniques, and the satisfaction of your taste buds, MM Local has a few more Good things going for it.  Every jar you purchase has a unique product number printed on it.  This number enables you to track your food to learn more about the farm from which your food came.  Additionally, we love the recipes section of their website, which shares recipes local people like you have made using MM Local’s products.  There are some Good recipes already on there–check out the Colo-waiian Pizza and start salivating immediately.

**MM Local Foods will be offering samples of all their products today from 3pm-6pm at Tony’s Market at 9th and Broadway.**

Interested in buying MM Local Foods’ products as gifts for the holidays or simply to get you through the winter?  Hurry and get them before they sell out!  You can pick up MM Local Foods from several stores in Denver and Boulder.  They are listed below:
-Denver: EVOO Marketplace (LoDo), Pome (Wash. Park), Spinelli’s Market (Park Hill), St. Killian’s Cheese Shop (The Highlands), Tony’s Market (Downtown)
-Boulder: Dish Gourmet (Pearl St.), Lucky’s Market (North Boulder)

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  1. Peter permalink
    March 16, 2010

    Such a cool idea. I really like the idea of knowing exactly which farm the product came from.

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