Good New American Restaurant: Encore

2012 January 6
by David Schlichter

Jalapeno poppers from Encore

If you’re looking for a meal your taste buds will remember, consider making a reservation at Encore on Colfax My girlfriend, Jessa, and I recently went there for the first time.  Located adjacent to the Tattered Cover at the corner of Colfax and Elizabeth, we’d driven by it hundreds of times but had never been in for a meal.  Not ever going in was a HUGE mistake–the food is spectacular.

We started out our meal with a two appetizers.  The first was a plate of Jalapeno Poppers stuffed with cream cheese, wrapped in apple smoked bacon, roasted, and served atop a spread of raspberry jam.  They were phenomenal–the kind of appetizer that you put in your mouth and instantly know the entire meal is going to be one to remember.  The second was the Roasted Potato Gnocchi.  Served with a chile relleno sauce, pumpkin seeds, a parsley pesto, and queso fresco, the gnocchi was delicious and perfectly cooked.

How we were able to decide on those two appetizers and our entrees, I have no idea.  I do not exaggerate when I write that I wanted to try literally everything on the menu.  In between our appetizers and our main dish we asked for bread, and it came quickly with a plate of jalapeno-infused olive oil.  I love spicy food, so I was excited that the olive oil was jalapeno-infused.  But, for those of you who don’t crave spicy foods, have no fear.  The oil really brought out the flavor of the pepper, but it wasn’t spicy (I think they must not include the jalapeno seeds when infusing the oil).  Even though the oil wasn’t spicy, it was still fantastic–so fantastic that we decided we had to make some at home (I’ll report back to let you all know how ours turns out–ours will have seeds!).

Mustard fries drizzled with warm mustard sauce accompanied the falafel burger

Anyway, the rest of the meal continued to be very Good.  We ordered the Roasted Beef Sauerbraten and the Falafel Burger.  The sauerbraten was a filet of beef served atop golden potatoes, bacon Brussels spouts, and a red wine pan sauce.  I’d have to say that while the beef was great, I think the Brussels sprouts might have stolen its thunder.  Mixed with chunks of bacon, they were a decadent delight.  The falafel burger was also great.  It came served with a side of french fries drizzled in warm mustard sauce that was super addictive.

We can’t wait to head back to Encore to try more of the menu.  Thankfully, next time we go we’ll also get $10 off because we bought the Eat Denver Dining Deck, one of the 10 Good Denver gift ideas I profiled here.  Thanks again, Encore, for an unbelievably Good meal!

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