The CityGrille Burger: As Good as it Gets?

2012 March 5
by David Schlichter

Walk or drive by CityGrille at Colfax and Logan and you will see a huge banner across the length of the restaurant reading “THE BEST BURGER IN DENVER.”  The closer you get, the more banners and posters you’ll see, all full of accolades for CityGrille’s burgers.  Though I’m the first to admit I haven’t tried every single burger in Denver (my waistline would probably look significantly different if I had), I have never eaten a better burger in Denver than the CityGrille Burger from CityGrille.

When it comes to the best burger in Denver, there is plenty of food for debate.  Westword has featured a different “best” burger almost every year and also has a top 10 list featuring even more “best” burgers in Denver.  Channel 7’s A List features the best burgers in Denver and selected…Red Robin (really?!).  The Cherry Cricket has gotten a lot of positive press and hype, rightfully so in my opinion, and many of my Good friends find it to be the best in Denver.  I think it’s capital G Good, but I have to agree with 5280 that (from what I’ve tried) CityGrille’s burger is Top of the Town.

The CityGrille Burger from CityGrille

The CityGrille Burger from CityGrille is burger heavenA half pound of perfectly seasoned sirloin sits atop a soft and tasty ciabatta-style bun and is crowned with bacon, Swiss cheese, and delicious Caesar dressing.  Lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and pickles are served on the side next to a heaping portion of salty French fries, cole slaw, or mixed greens.  The burger is delicious.  Taste explosion.  Burger heaven.

I’ve tried lots of burgers in Denver and, for now, can’t find one that can top the CityGrille Burger.  It’s too Good.  I’ll keep looking though, and here is where you’ll find the article if I find a better burger.

CityGrille is located at 321 E Colfax Ave. near the corner of Colfax and Logan. 

Citygrille on Urbanspoon

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