Good Denver Ice Cream: Sweet Action

2012 June 24
by David Schlichter

As you’ve seen from some of my previous posts, we have some mighty Good ice cream here in Denver.  I’ve already written about Little Man and Liks, two excellent ice cream shops in the city, but I haven’t yet written about Sweet Action.  Perhaps it was because I was saving the best for last?

Sweet Action is one of my favorite ice cream shops in Denver.  Their ice cream is outstanding.  The flavors are innovative (and ever-changing), and include very unique choices such as Chocolate Whoopie Pie, Coffee Oreo, Thai Iced Tea, Blackberry Lavender, Banana Brownie Swirl, and my personal favorite: Stranahan’s Whiskey Brickle.  The shop also has a selection of vegan ice creams, sorbets, and delicious ice cream cookie sandwiches.

At Sweet Action, the prices are reasonable, serving sizes are big, and taste samples are generously and patiently offered for multiple flavors–even when there is a line out the door.  The servers are super nice, and most seem to be total hipsters–though not the hipsters that come with a scoop of ego and attitude, more like the ones that help you out with a smile…poking out from behind a very strong beard that almost, but not quite, covers up the chest that is also poking out from the deep v-neck t-shirt that just-so-happens to be tucked in to an old pair of recycled Levi’s.

Try out the ice cream at Sweet Action.  It is very Good.  And whatever you do, don’t watch this music video in which tons of perfectly Good Sweet Action ice cream is wasted in a food fight.

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Sweet Action is located at 58 Broadway, near the SoBo, Baker, Capitol Hill, and Wash Park neighborhoods.  Interested in buying a home in one of those areas?  Click here!

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