Good Denver Restaurant: Table 6

2012 August 1
by David Schlichter
Seared Tilapia from Table 6 The Good Life Denver

Seared Tilapia from Table 6

We had dinner at Table 6 near the corner of 6th and Corona this past weekend, and the meal was outstanding.

Our dinner started out with four appetizers, and each was tasty and unique.  The “big block pancetta,” a large cube of cured pork belly served alongside watermelon with greens and a barbeque drizzle, was dynamite.  The flatbread with sausage, goat cheese, mixed greens, and arugula was also great.  Fried okra stuffed with jalapeno cream cheese, and roasted padron peppers rounded out our first course with a bang.

The entrees, though, quickly stole the appetizers’ thunder.  I had the seared tilapia with lamb bacon, shrimp, green peas, and a chimichurri sauce.  It was perfect.  The scallops, which two in our group ordered, were phenomenal and practically melted in our mouths.  [Earlier this year, I was able to overcome a food phobia of scallops at Rioja, but these were even better in my humble opinion.]   The smoked brisket also was excellent, and the Aleppo fries served alongside it were beyond decadent.

Just when we thought the meal couldn’t get any better, along came dessert–let’s just call it the icing on the cake!  My top three were the cherry almond cake (the cake itself was unreal, and it came perfectly paired with a salted vanilla ice cream); the fried blueberry pie with buttermilk milkshake (the pie was fully coated in powdered sugar–try not to inhale as you eat!); and the chocolate beignets (ordering them and not finishing them may just be impossible).

I couldn’t recommend Table 6 more highly, and I encourage you to try out the small neighborhood restaurant for yourself.  Table 6 is located at 609 Corona St. near the corner of 6th and Corona.

Insider’s tip: don’t break the bank.  If you use your Eat Denver Dining Deck at Table 6, you can get $10 off your purchase of $25 or more…

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