Good Denver Burritos and Tamales: Tamale Kitchen

2012 October 16
by David Schlichter

The carne asada fries burrtio from Tamale kitchen, in all of its glory

It’s Tamale Tuesday at Tamale Kitchen, which means you can get delicious hand-made tamales today from the restaurant for 50 cents each.  I love the tamales from Tamale kitchen, and they alone would definitely earn the locally-owned franchise a shout-out here.  That being said, there is something that I love from Tamale Kitchen even more than the tamales: the carne asada fries burrito.

I wasn’t expecting that one of my favorite burritos in all of Denver would come from a tamale restaurant, but it did.  A little over a year ago I was rock climbing at Rock’n and Jam’n in Thornton and had worked up a serious appetite.  There are actually quite a few quick and cheap post-climbing restaurant options nearby the gym, but that day I wanted something different.  Somehow I came across Tamale Kitchen, located in the parking lot of a shuttered Albertson’s in Northglenn.  My expectations were low.

Tamale Kitchen is relatively unassuming from the outside, but the food on the inside is delicious

The menu was extensive, but one item stood out: the carne asada fries burrito.  I ordered it and half a dozen tamales.  The burrito was phenomenal.  Delicious grilled steak, melted cheese, spicy salsa, sour cream, and piping hot french fries came wrapped inside of a fresh tortilla and tested my sense of self-discipline as I tried to eat it as fast as possible while not burning my mouth.  My mouth lost that battle, but my belly won. The burrito was awesome and the tamales were great, too.

The people that work at the Northglenn Tamale Kitchen are super nice, and the story of the creation of the carne asada fries burrito is worth mentioning.  The drive-through there is open 24 hours, and apparently they get a lot of late-night traffic.  Occasionally they get off-menu customer requests, which they tell me they love to try and oblige, and one night someone came in and asked for French fries in their burrito.  Needless to say, the burrito was a hit, so they started offering it as a “special” menu item.  It became even more of a hit, so now it has become a staple menu item…at least at the Northglenn location.

That brings me to my only complaint about Tamale Kitchen: there are several locations of the local chain, and while their menus are similar, they aren’t all the same.  I went to the Tamale Kitchen on Sheridan across the street from Sloan’s Lake and asked for the carne asada fries burrito, and they had no idea what I was talking about.  I have no idea why the burrito isn’t served at all of their locations–it is so Good!

If you haven’t tasted this burrito before and you love burritos, you won’t regret a trip up to Northglenn to try it out.  Just try not to burn your mouth.

Tamale Kitchen on Urbanspoon

The Northglenn location of Tamale Kitchen is located at 1030 W. 104th Ave.

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