Good Indoor Climbing Gym (Finally) Coming to Denver!

2013 August 7
by David Schlichter

Source: Used with permission.

I am pleased to announce that Denver will soon have a new, high-quality rock climbing gym!

In 2011, I advocated in this article for a premier rock climbing gym to be built in or near downtown Denver.  In the article I discussed that even though Colorado is a world-class rock climbing Mecca, somehow the biggest city in Colorado, Denver, has consistently lacked high-quality indoor climbing options.  This has been a source of frustration for many local climbers, including me.  Whenever I wanted to get a Good indoor climb in, I would have to drive 25-30 minutes (without rush hour traffic) to get to one of the two Rock’n and Jam’n locations in Centennial or Thornton.  Adding insult to injury, St. Louis, the city where I originally grew up and a city with a much smaller climbing community, recently got its second high-quality climbing gym, and it’s a Good one.

Since that article, we made some Good progress, which you can read about in more detail here.  The Denver Bouldering Club recently undertook a significant remodeling and expansion project.  Their updated gym has double the space, much better hours for non-members, and overall it is quite an upgrade–I definitely recommend that you check it out.  Then, in December, Earthtreks announced that it was bringing a large climbing gym to Golden.  That will be a great development for those who live in or near Golden.  Still, the problem remained that Denver lacked a high quality gym in or near its downtown.

Thankfully, that void is finally getting filled.  Movement, a high quality climbing and fitness gym in Boulder, just announced plans to break ground on a new high quality climbing and fitness gym later this year in Denver.  The address is very central: 1155 W 5th Ave, Denver, CO 80204, near 6th Ave. and I-25, and the new gym will be similar to the one currently in Boulder, featuring high-quality indoor rock climbing and other indoor fitness options.  The gym is expected to open sometime next year.

This will be a Good development for Denver climbers and for the city as a whole.  What was a vacant lot will now be yet another reason why Denver is such a Good city in which to live, work, and play.  It’s been a long time coming, but now the wait is finally coming to a close.  See you at Movement next year!

For more information on Movement in Denver, visit

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