Good Quick Denver Pizza: Pizzeria Locale

2013 November 7
by David Schlichter

I owe it to all of my readers who are pizza lovers to give a strong shout-out to Pizzeria Locale, a new, delicious, simplified, and quick version of its full-service counterpart on Pearl St. in Boulder.  Denver’s Pizzeria Locale is located at 550 Broadway, close to downtown and just a few blocks from my latest listing, an awesome 2-story luxury Denver loft you can read more about here.

The first thing you notice when you enter Pizzeria Locale is the large dough room in which people hand-prepare fresh dough for all of the pizzas using just flour, water, salt, and starter.  The room is temperature and humidity controlled so that it mimics what you’d “feel in Naples on a spring day.”  Immediately outside of the dough room, cooks enthusiastically stand at the ready to hand prepare your personal-sized Neapolitan pizza.  Choose from one of the many classics such as the margherita at $5.75, the maiale (prosciutto and arugula) at $7.75, or the supreme (pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, red onions, green peppers) for $8.25, or build your own with a basic pizza starting at just $4.75.  The chef will prepare your pizza, put it into the 1,000 degree oven, and literally two minutes later, your pizza will be ready.

Delicious, fresh, quick, perfectly sized, and perfectly priced, I’ve got no complaints about Pizzeria Locale…other than the fact that I wish it was within a few blocks of my house…

Dough is prepared in the humidity and temperature controlled dough room at Pizzeria Locale

The pizzas at Pizzeria Locale are made to order and cooked in a 1,000 degree rotating oven.

Two minutes later, the pizzas done.

Perfectly cooked, perfectly sized, perfectly priced, this pizza hits the SPOT!

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