It’s Official: Young People Love Denver

2014 October 21
by David Schlichter

Denver Skyline Larry Johnson Flikr

It probably didn’t take a new City Observatory report for you to know that Denver has been exploding with new transplants lately, or that a huge portion of the people moving here are those that are young and highly educated.   But let’s make it official: young and educated people love Denver.

The New York Times picked up the story and highlighted how Denver shines, writing:

“Denver has become one of the most powerful magnets. Its population of the young and educated is up 47 percent since 2000, nearly double the percentage increase in the New York metro area. And 7.5 percent of Denver’s population is in this group, more than the national average of 5.2 percent and more than anywhere but Washington, the Bay Area and Boston.

Denver has many of the tangible things young people want, economists say, including mountains, sunshine and jobs in booming industries like tech. Perhaps more important, it also has the ones that give cities the perception of cultural cool, like microbreweries and bike-sharing and an acceptance of marijuana and same-sex marriage.

‘With lots of cultural things to do and getting away to the mountains, you can have the work-play balance more than any place I’ve ever lived,’ said Colleen Douglass, 27, a video producer at Craftsy, a start-up with online classes for crafts. ‘There’s this really thriving start-up scene here, and the sense we can be in a place we love and work at a cool new company but not live in Silicon Valley.'”

I’m glad the New York Times is showcasing Denver’s “cultural cool,” world-class outdoor recreation, an amazing dining scene, a booming economy, one of the strongest real estate markets in the country, great music, bike sharing, microbreweries, excellent professional sports teams, innovative start-ups–in other words, The Good Life Denver.

(Photo credit: Larry Johnson, Flikr Creative Commons.)

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