Denver’s Most Unique Beers to Try in 2018

2018 May 5
by Dorothy Goodman

Denver beer photo courtesy of Lindsey G/flickr

It is no secret that Colorado produces more beer per capita than any other state.  Rightfully named the “Napa Valley of Beer,” it helps that Coors Brewery, the world’s largest brewery, is located next door to Denver in Golden, Colorado. However, new microbreweries keep popping up in Denver like daffodils in the springtime.

Sure, microbreweries are still making your classic IPAs and lagers, but they are experimenting with wild and diverse ingredients that really benefit the adventurous drinker. With new tasting rooms opening across the city, we thought we would narrow down some of your options. Here are some of Denver’s most unique breweries and some of the hidden beers you shouldn’t pass up!

Banana Stand Hefeweisen, from Chain Reaction Brewing Company at 902 S. Lipan Street has unique notes of banana and cloves. The brewery was named after Newton’s third law of motion that states, “every action has an equal and opposite reaction,” and this beer is easy to enjoy on a warm day with a little spice to awaken your taste buds. While you’re there, check out the Pink Peppercorn Saison as well that is smooth with little pepper kick.

Ever heard of Little Machine Beer at 2924 W. 20th Avenue? “Their beer names are as unique (and entertaining) as the beers themselves,” remarks fellow Denverite, Brendan Hufford. For example, try the “Limel Richie” Lime Lager and the “Razz Against the Machine” Tart Ale. Both beers are refreshing, crisp, dynamic and zingy.

A new collaboration is in the works for Cerveceria Colorado at 1635 Platte Street, which is set to open today (Cinco do Mayo) to bring the diverse flavors of Mexico to Denver. Their beers use Mexican ingredients and flavors such as cinnamon, chiles, nopal, chocolate, mole, lime, and agave. As their mission suggests, let’s build bridges, not walls.

Hogshead Brewery at 4460 W. 29th Avenue has a unique Porter that is served two different ways. You can choose to drink it on tap or drink it on cask. You can’t go wrong either way, but the brewery calls themselves “purveyors of cask conditioned ales,” so I know which route I would take. The Porter is roasty and spicy, but also smooth with a chocolatey, fruity finish.

Black Project Spontaneous & Wild Ales at 1290 S. Broadway St. offers sour and complex, often experimental beers. The brewery started with a mission to take historic recipes and add a modern twist, and they are good at what they do. As the co-founder Sarah Howart puts it, “sour beers have such character and nuance that really can’t be expressed in any other way. The way it dances on your palette and the way it pairs well with food is unrivaled when comes to other styles.” Black Project’s beers are often rotating and not all dark, but try Tomcat if they have it, which is a Whiskey Barrel Aged Imperial Stout full of robust flavor. If something lighter is more your style, their Magic Lantern: Apricot Blood Orange Gose is one of a kind.

Lastly, if hoppy beers are your thing, go to Cerebral Brewing at 1477 Monroe St for their Rare Trait IPA. This beer has rich notes of tangerine, mango, and peaches that bring together a hazy, bitter, yet smooth beer. As the name suggests, it is rare to find a beer as good.

Cheers to all of Denver’s amazing unique beers and breweries!

Guest contributor Dorothy Goodman is a Denver-based writerhomesteader, and baker.

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