Good Denver Bike Shop: SloHi Bike Co.

2018 August 2
by David Schlichter

We were trying to get both of our kids in the seats on our brand new Yuba cargo bike from SloHi Bike Co.  Trying is the key word—what was actually happening was total chaos.  Our one year old was flailing on the floor and screaming.  Our two year old had just knocked over a box of bike parts and was wailing too.  It was not exactly the scene most bike shop owners would want to be dealing with in the middle of a busy day in the middle of their bike shop.

We had just gotten back from an amazing vacation in the Alps two days prior, and both of our kids were still extremely jet lagged.  The bike was a gift between my wife and I for our five year wedding anniversary, and we couldn’t wait to take the kids on their first ride.  The Yuba cargo bikes are awesome–they can carry multiple kids, a grown adult, groceries, camping gear, and more, and SloHi helped us outfit ours all of the necessary accessories plus an electric motor to make it easier to handle the extra weight.

The kids were more interested in naps that, on Europe time, were about 8 hours overdue.  “Just so you know, guys, the kids are not a problem at all.  I don’t even hear them.  I’ve got two young kids myself,” the owner of the shop, Adam Williams, calmly told us.  It alleviated the stress, and were able to successfully load up the kids and get them out on their first ride.

SloHi Bike Co. owner Adam Williams

A few minutes into our inaugural ride, we were loving it but had a couple questions about how to use the electric motor.  Rather than talking through our questions on the phone, Adam rode his own bike 10 blocks to come meet us and walk us through it in person.  We couldn’t have asked for better service.

As someone who has ridden tens of thousands of miles on a bike throughout the United Sates and across Europe, I know a thing or two about bikes.  But buying a bike with kids in tow was a new experience for me—and SloHi Bike Co. made it super easy.  Whereas most bike shops focus on high end road bikes and/or mountain bikes, SloHi Bike Co. caters more to families and specializes in the sale of cargo bikes, kid bikes, and city bikes.  They do a great job at it.

The 29th Ave. shop may be small, but it is actually the largest brick and mortar Yuba distributor in the country.  It has been open since 2013, and business has been steadily growing since then.  Adam is enthusiastic and knowledgeable about bikes, but what really makes him happy is building a sense of community.  That was the thought behind attaching a coffee shop to the bike shop, and if you go in on any given day, you’ll find kids getting their bike tires inflated, young professionals answering emails, and friendly employees helping people with whatever they need.  The entire experience really takes the stress and intimidation factor out of buying a bike—or just a cup of coffee.

And, of course, the bikes themselves are awesome!  We’ve now had ours for less than a week and have already ridden it every day.  Our kids love it, too (as long as it isn’t nap time).

SloHi Bike Co. has two locations in Denver: one at 29th and Tennyson, and the other at Colfax and Steele.  SloHi sells cargo bikes, kid’s bikes, city bikes, mountain, and road bikes.  It also offers hourly, daily, and weekly bike rentals (and you can demo bikes and apply the rental cost to a purchase).

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